Essentially a simple application but with a host of features: Connect a number of switches to the EMACSYS and in response to switch operations a serial message is sent out of the RS232 port.

Each input can have its own message. The messages themselves are not restricted to just ASCII characters so it is quite possible to generate messages which are wholly or parity binary. Thus end of line terminators such as <CR><LF> pairs can be easily added.

The serial port may have its baud rate set and can handle odd, even or no parity as well as 1 0r 2 stop bits.

Screen shot of the interface application.  The left of the screen is used for message definitions and the top right is the serial port setup.
At the center of the screen are buttons for loading and saving data files and for writing to and reading from EMACSYS.

Hardware requirements:

EMACSYS control module.
RS232 module
Output terminal.



Inputs To Serial