EMACSYS is not a single product nor is it a single application. Rather it is set of building blocks which enable you to create a product which will closely fit your needs.
With EMACSYS you choose the hardware elements required for your application. Then choose the appware and download it to the EMACSYS control module.

Control Module

At the heart of the EMACSYS system is the Control module. This has a powerful 16 bit processor, a USB port and a series of expansion ports. Appware can be downloaded to the processor via the USB port using the free Application Loader software.


A range of peripherals are available ranging from simple terminal block to Ethernet interfaces. A full list is provided on the Hardware page.

Each peripheral module is connected to the Control module via a 10 way IDC ribbon cable which is supplied with each module. This simply plugs into the Control Module on the appropriate port.


Each application has its own set of firmware and software interfaces. The firmware element runs on the processor on the Control module and we refer to this as appware. This can be downloaded to the Control Module using the free Downloader software. No special equipment is needed for downloading, just a Windows based PC and a USB cable.

As well as the firmware most appware will include an Windows based PC interface program which will allow you to configure the application. In addition some of the applications will include example applications for end user applications. Again these are Windows based PC applications and are free to distribute.

A whole range of applications are available for downloading. All the applications are free to download and use. It is possible to try as many of these applications as choose but of course only a single application can run at a time.



Video tutorials on aspects of the EMACSYS products can be found here.