This application uses the internal real time clock to provide sophisticated time control functions. Each output can be assigned up to 16 standard time slots during which the output is turned on. Each of the time slots can be configured to run on any combination of days, not just weekdays or weekends.
As well as the standard time slots a series of up to 16 special days can be defined which can have completely separate set of 16 time slots. This facility is very useful for public holidays and special events.

Daylight saving is accommodated and the flexible definitions will allow both the month and the actual weekend to be defined. This approach will allow most worldwide daylight saving schemes to be implemented.

Inputs can be used to provide an override facility. A momentary activation on an input will override the corresponding output, with a second operation returning the out back to its normal condition.
The override condition will remain in force until the next programmed transition at which point it will be canceled.

Hardware requirements:

EMACSYS control module.
I/O as required.

Programming page for the standard times. Each output can be assigned 16 time slots on any combination of days.
At the bottom of the page there are buttons for loading and saving the data and for loading and reading from EMACSYS via the USB port.
In addition the time can be set either from the PC timer or manually again via the USB port.

The special days programming area. Note that the days of the week are not programmable as the special days are assigned to a single calendar date.

The daylight savings page. It is possible to define both the month and weekend for advancing and retarding the clock.





Time Controller