The USB Controller allows the monitoring and control of all the EMACSYS I/O. There are a wide range of commands available to suit the programming environment and individual requirements.
Inputs and outputs can be set individually or collectively using either binary or ASCII commands. Outputs can be controlled in a similar manner: collectively or individually, binary or ASCII.

For those who are not familiar with USB protocols dlls are provided with the appware package which will take care of the connections and command processing.

The appware package also includes compiled example applications together with source code.

Screen shot of the demonstration application which uses commands to communicate with the EMACSYS. While this application has limited practical use it serves to demonstrate the wide range of commands available with this application.
Full source code is supplied with the appware package.

This application uses the dll to communicate with EMACSYS. once again full source code is included with the appware package.

Hardware requirements:

EMACSYS control module.
I/O as required.





USB Controller