This is the essential application for downloading appware into the EMACSYS control module via the USB port.

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All the following applications are designed to run under Windows XP, Vista and 7. The files make use of the Windows installer and have a .msi extension. To install copy the file to the target machine and open it either from the browser download screen or by double clicking it in the download folder.

UDP Reporter Simple Panel

This is simple only in the sense that it is intended to connect to a single EMACSYS. The appware in the EMACSYS should be the UDP Reporter.

The application enables monitoring of all 16 digital inputs on the EMACSYS as well as the analogue inputs and digital outputs. Control of the outputs is via on screen buttons and they can be either toggled or pulsed with the pulse period specified from 10mS up to 65 seconds.

Logging of all events can be recorded in comma delimited format which can be imported into spreadsheets for further analysis. Files are stored in a daily format making it easy to backup or analyze specific periods of activity.

Options allow the installation to function as a simple monitoring application through to a fully operator controlled reporting system.

Download UDP Simple Panel

MoCo Monitoring and Control System

The Ethernet Server appware is compatible with the MoCo Monitoring and Control System which is available for free public download.

The software has these characteristics:

- Industrial capabilities, but scalable from very small home systems to enterprise, worldwide.
- Works with EMACSYS Ethernet Server and other inexpensive I/O bridges (including X10, Insteon and 1-wire) from a number of manufacturers.
- Works on Linux, Unix, Mac, and Windows.
- Sophisticated history logging, and diverse control capabilities.
- 117-page implementation manual.
- Free software (open source).

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BEPI Compiler

The BEPI Compiler is used to compile, download and test BEPI applications to BEPI enabled appware. More....

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