While the range of appware available for the EMACSYS is extensive it cannot cover all requirements. There are and always will be applications which cannot be covered by standard appware. With this appware it is possible to write your own applications using the BEPI interface.

BEPI is a simple yet powerful programming interface to the onboard facilities of the EMACSYS. Inputs and outputs can be individually accessed and used within your application.

Previous experience of programming, while useful, is not necessary as BEPI is quick to learn and has a limited number of commands.

Programs are written in a text editor such as Notepad and then compiled using the BEPI compiler. Once the application has been downloaded to the EMACSYS variables and I/O status can be monitored via the USB port with the compiler.

Examples are provided which can be used as a starting point for your own application.

If you are new to programming this is an excellent way of learning the basic techniques with a real application at the end of it.

Hardware requirements:

EMACSYS control module.
I/O as required.

The Standalone BEPI appware is included with the BEPI Compiler.



Standalone BEPI