Welcome to the home of EMACSYS. Here you will find all the information about the EMACSYS products, applications and interfaces.

If you are new to EMACSYS then please go to the overview page. EMACSYS is not a single product but rather a range of modules which can be chosen and plugged together for your application. Appware is free for download and use and may be found on the Appware page. Full details of the hardware, including technical data is available in the hardware section. Finally there are some example applications together with the EMACSYS downloader in the Applications section.

A list of suppliers is available in the Distributors section.

We are continually adding more applications and peripherals so if you would like to sign up to our news letter please go to the Contact Us section.

Finally if you have any suggestions for new appware or improvements to the existing range there is a form in the Contact Us section. This can also be used for bug reports etc.


Expandable Monitoring And Control SYStem